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We'd like to know a more about your business and want to be better prepared to discuss which solution may fit your needs.

Please answer the following questions. This information will remain confidential with CaterXpert™ and will not be shared or used with other companies.

1. In what ways is technology currently used in your catering business?
Computers used for office/admin reasons only
Have internet access, email, and company web site
Use some specialty "off-the-shelf" software (e.g. scheduling)
Use customized catering software

2. What areas of your business need most attention?
Less time in preparing sales proposals
Better communication between employees
Scheduling personnel
Generating new business
Better event production coordination
Better kitchen management

3. What size event drives most of your business (in terms of guest count)?
10 – 100+ guests per event
25 – 250+ guests per event
50 – 500+ guests per event

4. Why do customers prefer doing business with you?
Individual attention
Quality of menus
Full service (one-stop shop)

5. Please provide any other information or details that may be relevant to your agency.

6. Your contact information.
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