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Kitchen Management Module

The CaterXpert™ Kitchen Management module lets chefs be chefs, freeing them to be more creative, coach, and develop people. It automates many repetitive tasks sapping efficiency in kitchen operations. It records all preparation, presentation, and special instruction details for kitchen and service personnel. An indispensible tool to executive chefs.
Assign kitchen tasks according to personnel qualifications.
Automatically calculate ingredient quantities to achieve the right amount of food and avoid waste and spoilage.
Generate a "gather/shopping" list in minutes.
Determine and assign prep-cooks for each prep-item to increase kitchen operation efficiency; print prep-sheets for cooks.
Accept or reject last minute change requests to the menu or kitchen.
Print site menus for an event, all events in a day, or all events for a specified time period.
View and edit detailed event notes to enhance customer service.
Create different colored labels to easily identify specific events, customers, their food, and event items for proper delivery, preparations, and display.

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