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Let’s face it, you love this crazy business. You thrive on the pressure. Your people work hard and take pride in their creations. Your passion fuels everyone on. People feel their reputation is on the line.

And just when everything is clicking...something goes wrong. Commitments are forgotten. Mistakes multiply. Stuff breaks down. Fatigue and stress take their toll. Tempers flare.

If this sounds too familiar, and you’re looking for a better way to run your business, CaterXpert™ is the answer.

CaterXpert™ is an easy to use, comprehensive catering management solution helping caterers run their businesses more efficiently. Many catering software packages require the business to be realigned to how the software works. Not CaterXpert™! Its flexible design enables CaterXpert™ to easily accommodate to the way your catering business works, minimizing any operational impact and quickly using and benefiting from the service.


The CaterXpert™ service is organized into seven modules that are at the center of every catering operation. Click here for more information..
Corporate Sales/e-catering

Minimal Investment - Low Risk Offer

What makes CaterXpert™ so cost-effective is the minimal hardware and software expenditures required. Unlike client-based software packages which require a dedicated server and local maintenance support, CaterXpert is fully web-services based. In fact, you may already have the basic infrastructure in-place! Here’s what’s needed:
Internet access
PC or Macintosh
Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari for MAC

That’s it!

There are no initial capital outlays, no ongoing maintenance fees, or annual upgrade fees. CaterXpert is a monthly service. You simply pay as you go.

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No capital or upfront
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