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Sales/General Management Module

The CaterXpert™ Sales/General Management module lets sales people focus on selling and be more productive in other tasks. It helps owners and general managers see the "big picture" of the business.
Generate more sales proposals by reducing paperwork and minimizing unproductive admin time.
Capture all customer and event-related information—book new events, update events, view event history, create tastings, and record pertinent notes.
Menus may be copied, imported, or built via templates to eliminate time consuming menu-creation; up to 4 menus can be simultaneously created.
Unlimited versioning capabilities for proposals, modifications, etc. with complete audit trail of changes.
Set special instructions and comments for each menu item to inform all personnel.
Record all change requests, receipt, approval status, and commitments associated with changes in work orders.
Keeps organized records of all client preferences, special dietary requirements, and personnel preferences.
Generate automatic email alerts to respective departments or individuals when changes are made to an event.
Monitor the on-going status of each event’s work-flow progress via easy to read color-coded calendar.
The billing function allows third party billing, cost adjustments, and versioning capabilities to manage costs better for sales profitability.
Billing data interfaces with popular accounting packages.

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